Academic Reasons to Consider Online vs. In-Person Education

The older generation would argue that in-person education is better than online education because you get to physically see your teacher and ask them questions. However, what many of these people fail to understand is that in-person classes typically have dozens of students for every one teacher.

This means that students don’t receive as much individualized attention from their teacher as they used to. Not only that, there are so many fields of study offered at schools but only a limited number of in-person classes available to teach them.

This has caused in-person class tuition rates to increase drastically while diminishing the quality of the education at the same time. That is why more schools now are offering an online education option to their students.

Online education offers so many more benefits to students than in-person education. The most popular benefit is having the ability to set your own schedule. Instead of having to drive to a classroom and be there at a specific time, you can choose what time of the day you go online and log in to your class.

That way you have time to go to work or do other tasks in your life without worrying about it conflicting with your schooling. Online education also allows there to be more variety in the classes taught as well as the number of classes available per semester.

Furthermore, an online environment can have more students per class while still making it easy for the teacher to give each student individualized attention. Anytime a student emails their teacher with a question or comment, the teacher will see their name and address them by it.

This makes it easier for the teacher to remember the student because they don’t have to associate a face with the name. They just know the name and the words they have written in their assignments.

Believe it or not, there are better classroom discussions in an online environment than there is in-person. Students who tend to be shy in-person are not so shy online because they aren’t being seen up close.

This gives them the motivation to participate in an online classroom discussion more than they ever would if it were an in-perso n classroom discussion.

Most importantly, online education allows students to attend class from virtually any location which has an internet connection. This eliminates their commuting time to zero and ensures that they won’t miss any of their classes.

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