Can you be Hypnotized? Take the Short Quiz and Find Out

How hypnotizable are you? The only way to know for sure is by going to a hypnotist. Go to several, as their skill and hypnotherapy training varies. If you serious, you should also understand the various styles of hypnosis. One style may affect you more than others.

Your motivation also matters. If you want something important from hypnosis, you may find more unconscious cooperation. It’s complex. Still, this little quiz is fun. How believable are your results?

Why do people want to be hypnotized?

Here are the top reasons in our experience:

Weight loss
• Smoking cessation
• Increased focus
• Anxiety reduction
• Increase motivation/reduce procrastination
• Explore “past lives”
• Resolve issues from the past
• Greater control of feelings
• Improve relationships (control emotional reactions)

National statistics may vary. We may do a follow-up article to review broader surveys that reveal more.

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